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Login / Viewing Full-Sized Photos

If you are getting sent back to the login page after you have already logged in, it is
most likely because of your browser cookies configuration. To remain logged in you must have cookies correctly enabled on your browser. We use the cookie only for your session; after you close your browser the cookie is destroyed.

Click for instructions for your browser:

Other photo page problems: if any particular thumbnail or full-size photo page is not displaying correctly please let us know. We are thankful when someone points out an error that has “slipped through the cracks”.

Full-size photo doesn’t fully load – This happens quite rarely, but sometimes the full-size photo will load only half-way down the page and then stop. This is is because the connection to our server has been interrupted – it could be a temporary glitch anywhere on the Internet, something that is out of our control. Refresh the page, or wait and then refresh it, and the photo should load properly. Of course, if the problem persists, please let us know.

Video Problems

If you have trouble viewing the videos it might be your media player. For the MPG files you should have QuickTime player, for the WMV files you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows. Both players are available for free,
you should keep you player updated.

If you have problems logging in to the videos, try this first: instead of just clicking on the video link, right-click
and choose Save. This is a workaround that can help if the problem happens to be with the browser and player interaction.

Technical Support – Problems with Using This Website

Please contact us at

If you contact us for Technical Support, please give us as much information as you can – which Browser you are using,
and if you use Windows or Mac. If it is a video issue please indicate if the problem happens with both MPG and WMV files.

Signup Help – Problems Signing Up for this Website

Please see our Signup Help page.

Problems with Membership Billing

Please contact us at

Contact Us

If you need our assistance please send an email to Please include your username. Please describe your problem as completely as possible. The more information you give us the better we can help. If it has to do with site functionality, please include your system information: what operating system you use and which browser. For downloads and clips please include your media player and version.