Signup Help

To sign up, you must complete the Signup Form completely and click the Submit button.

After Submitting the form you should be presented with the message “Signup Completed”, followed by your username, ID number issued to your membership, an Authorization Code and a Transaction ID number. If instead you get the message “Transaction Error” then follow the instructions below and re-submit your form.

If you get the “Signup Completed” message you should be immediately able to log in to the site with the username and password you provided on the form. If you can’t log in, please send us an email and tell us exactly what you see on the screen after you log in.

Most importantly, you should not submit the Signup Form a second time unless you are sure that the first one did not go through. If you try to sign up again, and get the error message “This username is already in use” that means your previous attempt did go through and you can now log in to the site. Another way to know if the charge went through is to check your email.
When you sign up, the signup fee is charged to your credit card and a confirmation email is sent immediately to the email address that you provided on the signup form. You can verify if the charge went through by checking your email. If you received the confirmation then your credit card was charged. In that case do not sign up again, but rather, go to the Login page and log in.

Please note that to log in to our site you must have “Session Cookies” enabled on your browser. This is a tiny cookie (a text file) that is used to keep you logged in to the site. It is removed as soon as you close your browser, or log out, or if you remain inactive for 20 minutes or more. The cookie is not used for any other purpose other than to maintain login status. No information is collected or retrieved or shared with any other party.

Please email us if you have any problems and we will do our best to resolve them for you. Our technical support address is