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Recent Updates!

Shana Lansdell Sholanda

We’ve got top national Figure athlete Shana ready for her video update debut. Good looking and muscular goes a long way here in the Studio and this Alabama native will show you why. She’s a good one folks.

Tamara Vahn

I was able to meet up with IFBB fitness pro Tamara at the recent Arnold competition in Columbus Ohio..Good luck on my part because this lady brings quite the package to the dance as you’ll see in her photo gallery debut in the Studio. If you like monster calves and all the other muscle delights she brings, Tamara will be a hit with you like she is to me. Enjoy her gang.

Holland Canter

We keep finding more models in the Studio who made a mark in our 17 years of existence. When you have hundreds of models gracing the Studio site, this can happen. Well Air Force officer Holland charmed us for a period of time before moving on with her life. It’s time we reprise her contribution with this tribute video update to rekindle all of the muscle charms she gave us and then some. Enjoy gang.

Shelby Guillaume

Our Canadian beauty Shelby is back with another video update and if you’ve seen the national Figure knockout then you know.. Shes a looker with high split biceps for one.. She’s all that and more gang so check her out.

Jennifer Adkisson

Now that we’ve posted Jennifer’s photo gallery update, it’s time for video and that’s a good thing. This IFBB pro Figure athlete is over 6 feet tall and muscular. A very impressive sight when she walks down the avenue in heels looking down on her admirers. I was one of them. Enjoy her gang as I know you will.

Chara Dixon

Shana Lansdell Sholanda

Stephanie Jones

Shelby Guillaume

Jennifer Adkisson

Danielle Kifer

Stephanie Jones

Shelby Guillaume

Stephanie Jones

Danielle Delikat

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Shawn Tan

3 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Sarah Hayes

5 Videos! 7 Galleries!

Tish Shelton

5 Videos! 2 Galleries!

Sarah Wernert

6 Videos! 10 Galleries!

Linda Crossley

1 Video! 1 Gallery!

Kim Lee Bland

5 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Noel Clark

2 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Danny J

3 Videos! 5 Galleries!

Stephanie Cubellis

3 Videos! 4 Galleries!

Nina Loos

2 Videos! 4 Galleries!

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