About us

11 Years Strong!

Krivs Studio has been bringing you the best in female Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding and Physique since 2007. View our exclusive photos and video clips of hard-bodied women, sculpted muscle, fitness competitors, and women athletes, from IFBB stars to new faces and rare Studio gems.

10 Year Announcement!
We are proud to announce a special update on KrivsStudio now that the site has reached 10 years of age. We will be giving the Studio a brand new facelift as we redesign and restructure it with a fresh new look. We plan to keep this ship steaming forward with even more quality women and entertainment value we produce here. We are safe and sound to come on board to enjoy the great quality value you receive for your hard-earned dollar.

We’ve featured the best of female muscle as the “home of feminine muscle” for a decade now while closing in on 600 models strong. That’s a whole bevy of outstanding dynamic muscular, athletic, Amazonian models in all shapes and sizes over the years to enjoy. Even better, we plan on much more of the same for your viewing pleasure (Yah willing) for years to come.