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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Sarah Bruce

IFBB Figure pro Sarah is back with another long 2 video clip update. The Columbus, Ohio native brings all kinds of feminine muscle charms to the Studio. With beautiful poppin’ peaky arm development not to mention those calves of hers are so delightful. All on all, Sarah is ready to entertain you because that’s what we do around here.

Jessica Huete

We have Costa Rica native Jessica in the Studio with her debut photo gallery update. This national figure athlete brings all kinds of feminine muscle charms with her. Jessica’s high, hard, extra peaked biceps are there in spades. This dancer and Zumba instructer is a very exciting catch indeed for the good guys so enjoy gang.

Marta Fonseca

Clip #1 was redone on 11/12, if you downloaded it before that, please redownload the new version.  Marta is ready for her video update with 2 long clips. The Nicaraguan native now living in Canada brings it hard and isn’t that wonderful. When you compete in your pro figure debut show and earn a 3rd place finish, there’s some serious muscle going on. Marta has a longtime dancing background that has honed her marvelous physique. Those beautifully carved out baseball shaped biceps will no doubt thrill and delight gang so enjoy.

Natalie Kleinman

Our muscular lifeguard Natalie is ready for her video update with 2 clips. The strapping Las Vegas resident is a very strong woman proven by winning the push-up record of 85 at the recent Olympia expo. She stopped only after knowing she had the record. Thousands have competed at this expo push-up contest over the years but Natalie is #1. Oh by the way.. Natalie is a beast.

Jada Beverly

We have a photo gallery update of new IFBB pro Jada. This shoot was done a few days after the Columbus native won her physique class at the USAs to win her pro card. This pretty woman brings eye-popping muscularity to the dance that will amaze and dazzle. When Jada comes in this hard and explosive, an exciting time will be had by all. Enjoy gang.

Maggie Moor

Rosalind Gutierrez

Julia Kozelka

Trina McEuen

Anca Bergen

Kelly Lovan

Marta Fonseca

Liza Jane

Lisa Janusz

Suha Qasem

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Tina Jo Orban

8 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Lilli Ewing

13 Videos! 8 Galleries!

Stacy Adams

10 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Wendy Lindquist

45 Videos! 17 Galleries!

Sandy Scamman

33 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Amanda Quinlan

10 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Ashley Puida

6 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Shawna Walker

18 Videos! 9 Galleries!

Lara Abend

5 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Angeles Casteran

21 Videos! 2 Galleries!

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