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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Angie Corbin

We have a 5 video clip update from out “theme” shoot with Angie. The Washington native channeled her Marilyn Monroe with a sexy white dress and a attitude to match. Better yet for Studio members, Angie sports split bulging biceps and all kind of muscle treats to entertain you with. You probably don’t wanna miss out on any of Angie’s muscle charms if you get my drift. Seriously gang.

Andrea Martinez

When I talk about the Studio bringing in fresh new talent Andrea would be exactly who I’m talking about. This New Mexico standout is such a good looking cutey of a woman with some of the most impressive biceps you could ever hope to see. When I first met Andrea in Las Vegas where she competed as a National Physique competitor, I stood next to her and was startled at the hard peaked bulging bicep protruding out as she held her cell phone. Not sure I’ve been the same since. Here’s a photo gallery update taken while I was doing the video part of the shoot getting cool angles of the amazing Andrea.

Kelly Lynn

Kelly Lynn

Our own video editor here at the Studio, Kelly is back with a 5 video clip update looking like a comic book heroine. Her quads and calves were always a standout feature and now even more so. Her upper body musculature is now off the charts with a back and nasty rear bis to die for. Maybe you need to check out miss Kelly right here, right now.

Brittany Nicole

Brittany Nicole

Brittany is our newest photo gallery update. This native Texan competes as a NPC Physique athlete. If you’ve ever seen the routines of these outstanding muscular women on stage, you’ll see a few shine with their graceful artist presentations. Brittany is one of those, the way she flows like a dancer on the Broadway stage. Glad you’re in the Studio, young lady, with all you bring to the dance. Special thanks to Dan Ray for his photography.

Lauren Martin-Stow

Lauren Martin-Stow

Toronto native Lauren is up to bat with a 5  video clip update. Being a Canadian national Figure competitor, this young lady brings a whole lot of pizzazz to the dance. There’s something about a sexy good looking muscular girl and you get that and more with Lauren. Watching her move and flex while giving you that look, this Canuck will leave you wanting more and more. See for yourselves.

Jodi Miller

Jodi Miller

Stephanie Mitch

Ruthann Rankin

Angie Corbin

Cinzia Clapp

Inna Wyatt

Inna Wyatt

Sarah Grace

Sarah Grace

Tamika Irvin

Sherri & Chelsea

Sherri & Chelsea

Nicole Wolf

Nicole Wolf

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!
As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Added 12/1/17
Amanda Hatfield

35 Videos! 7 Galleries!

Added 12/1/17
Casie Sheppard

7 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Added 11/22/17
Angie Corbin

23 Videos! 8 Galleries!

Added 11/22/17
Alina Popa

31 Videos! 2 Galleries!

Added 11/19/17
Beata Antoninas

4 Galleries!

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