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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Anastasia Rider

We’ve got a big girl model for you gang.  At an imposing 5’11” and 170 lbs in off season mode, this Philadelphia PA native now living in Tampa FL also competes in the Figure division as an amateur.  Seeing that she works in security along with being a personal trainer, Anastasia carries herself off as a big strong girl.  That will be very evident in her photo gallery debut here in the Studio.  What you see is what you get with Anastasia and she very much enjoys her physical stature.  You will too.

Christelle Zarovska

We met up with Christelle at the recent Arnold sports festival weekend where she earned a IFBB Pro card by winning the overall in the Amatuer physique division.  She was also voted the most muscular woman in the show so you know what you’re getting with this video update.  Lots of hard defined muscle for your viewing pleasure gang.

Valentina Mishina

The Studio is very excited to bring you Valentina, from Russia with love.  The 26 year old Moscow native is sporting one of the finest physiques in the sport today as you will be fortunate to see in her debut photo gallery update.  Valentina really is that good. The former fashion model won her IFBB Pro Card at the 2017 Arnold Classic in Spain, and is now on track to be invited to the Olympia in September.  This personal trainer back in Russia possesses an elite lower body with quads to die for.  Overlooked (but obviously not here in the Studio) maybe because of those wheels of hers, is some of the best biceps you could ever want to see.  I guess you’ll just have to see for yourselves because Valentina may very well be among the cream of the crop we’ve had around here since we started the site over 11 years ago.  Just saying gang.

Mary Marji

Mary is back with a 5 video clip update from our encore shoot.  After introducing Mary last year here in the Studio, this gorgeous native of Jordan brought a unique look highlighted by highly peaked split biceps.  As you saw in her photo update, she’s harder with even more pizzaz about her.  I’ll just leave it at “Mary is an A-lister bottom line”.

Julia Fory

Switzerland native Julia is our next video model update with 5 clips.  Julia is a powerhouse of a woman and so very strong.  She was in big girl mode for this shoot, sporting 16 inch biceps while she flexed with confidence and a smirk going on for the cameras.  The great thing about Julia is that she likes being big and strong and has no problem letting you know about it either.  Enjoy the big girl fun gang.

Julia & Maggie

Devon Harris

Kayla Pjor

Lauren Eaton

Lauren Eaton

Stephany Acosta

Stephanie Mitch

Christelle Zarovska

Sonya Istocka

Mary Marji

Lauren & Brittany

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Added 4/19/18
Toni Wheeler

4 Videos! 4 Galleries!

Added 4/14/18
Rikki Smead

16 Videos! 8 Galleries!

Added 4/14/18
Mavi Gioia

23 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Added 4/13/18
Julia Fory

17 Videos! 2 Galleries!

Added 3/7/18
Megan May

29 Videos! 12 Galleries!

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