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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Linda & Kelly

Check this one out gang. We’ve got a sisters in arms photo gallery update from a shoot that will thrill and delight on so many levels. Our new addition to the Studio Kelly has teamed up with IFBB pro Linda, also a Studio model to bring you big time feminine muscle entertainment. Beautiful feminine allure combined with power and strength all rolled up together in one big package not to be missed. Trust me, this is one shoot you won’t soon forget. Lifts galore with each of these sexy powerhouse women demonstrating their raw strength without the slightest effort involved. Better yet, this all leads to the video portion of the shoot so I’ll just leave it at that. Enjoy as I know you will.

Patti Hanson

We have more video of Patti with this long extended clip. Lucky for us there’s lots more of must see footage you won’t want to miss. The national physique athlete brings an all around look of outstanding body parts and a sultry attitude about showing it off. You saw that in her last updates so there you go.

Kelly Lovan

We’re featuring a re-edit of the marvelous Asian  Kelly in this video update. A clip with over 7 minutes of continues flexing while displaying her world class level physique. Lot’s of bad-ass Kelly in action you definitely want to see. This is the kind of entertainment you except from the Studio and you’re getting it.

Kristy & Lauren

Lots going on here gang with Kristy and Lauren putting the finishing touches on our Sisters in arms shoot. Both of these sexy lookers are muscular,  strong, and fun as they easily lift each other with a smile in this video update.  They settle it with arm wrestling matches because they can. Strong girls just want to have fun. Come on in and see why.

Chelsea Allegro

We’re always looking to feature a model with outstanding bulging peaked baseball shaped biceps. Chelsea is that model and the IFBB pro enjoys showing them off as you’ll see in this photo gallery update. The Alabama native was an exciting addition to the Studio. Very exciting actually.

Kelly Winters


Sarah Burke

Erin Twiggs Hutchinson

Fawnia Mondey Dietrich

Kessia Mirellys

Natalie Kleinman

Angie Corbin

Liz Bradshaw

Alyssa Nemes

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Maryann Glascock

11 Videos! 2 Galleries!

Sherrie Carnicle

11 Videos! 5 Galleries!

Falon Stacey

28 Videos! 4 Galleries!

Kristy Enos

39 Videos! 10 Galleries!

Mona Muresan

15 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Sandra Lombardo

12 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Casie Leigh

5 Galleries!

Casie & Heather

3 Videos! 7 Galleries!

Amanda & Casie

3 Videos! 1 Galleries!

Kira & Jen

5 Videos! 2 Galleries!

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