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Hi Gang!  I am Patrick, the new Webmaster for Krivsstudio.com, and I’ve spent the last couple months fixing issues and putting out fires left by our previous webmaster.  I’m happy to report the following improvements…
* We’ve moved to a new, updated server with the newest operating system, drivers and php version.
* All software and plugins relating to the site itself have been completely updated.
* We’ve built a new database from scratch, so the members who had issues with their passwords not working will no longer be an issue, unless of course your card declines or expires.
* Not that we ever want you to cancel, but we’ve constructed a Cancellation Page for your convenience.
Now I believe I’ve fixed EVERYONE who had an issue with their credentials, but with HUNDREDS of members, it’s possible one slipped through the cracks, so if you have any issue at all, please let us know at krivsstudio10@gmail.com

Krivs Studio has been bringing you the best in female Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding and Physique since 2007. View our exclusive photos and video clips of hard-bodied women, sculpted muscle, fitness competitors, and women athletes, from IFBB stars to new faces and rare Studio gems.

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Recent Updates!

Christelle Zarovska

We have a 3 video clip update of the overall Arnold amateur physique champion resulting in a IFBB Pro card.  As you’ve seen with our previous updates of the ultra muscular Christelle, she certain looks the part.  Lucky for us you’ll be able to check out what we call the most muscular woman in the room for your viewing pleasure.

Anastasia Rider

Here’s 3 clips of one of our newest big girls in action.  At 5′ 11″ and a off season weight of 175 lbs, Anastasia is an imposing young lady.  As a national Figure competitor, this Tampa FL resident is now set to go for her Pro card.  I like her odds a lot.

Alyssa Isley

Well I shot with Alyssa a day before her competition at Jr. Nationals in Chicago.  When it was all said and done this Cali girl won her pro card in the Physique division.  Not bad for starting out as a Bikini competitor so check out her photo gallery update and get a gander at those wheels on her gang.  It’s not surprising she honed her physique as a longtime soccer athlete.

Eva Serber

It’s time for Eva’s video update with 5 clips.  This beautiful lady from South Carolina brings her muscle charms to the Studio and we’re thrilled and delighted because of it.  Eva competes as a national athlete in the NPC Physique division.  Once the cameras came on and she understood what I was looking for, she gave me that and much more.  She’s got the goods gang and loved showing off her hard peaked biceps so prepare to be enchanted.

Sarah Devore

We have a hard, very lean, vascular national Figure athlete from Utah for you with this photo gallery update.  Her look is a result of running in the Boston marathon twice, competing in soccer, and now lifting weights as an NPC competitor.  Ripped is what I’m talking about so enjoy Sarah showing off her muscles for your viewing pleasure.  This is what we do around here and finding the exciting talent to pose for you is also what we do so enjoy gang.

Julia & Maggie

Amanda Welch

Taylor Crede

Eva Serber

Mary Marji

Mindi O’Brien

Jennifer McArver

Sandee Cheeks Estes

Sheharah McIver

Latevia Nichols

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Added 8/12/18
Heather Dees

18 Videos! 11 Galleries!

Added 8/9/18
Carrie Walend

15 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Added 8/4/18
Jennifer Toth

7 Videos! 16 Galleries!

Added 8/4/18
Agata Radziwoniuk

5 Videos! 10 Galleries!

Added 8/1/18
Tanya Merryman

15 Videos! 5 Galleries!

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