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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Mary Marji

One year ago we introduced the intoxicating Mary to the Studio. Now she’s back again after reprising our collaboration at the recent Arnold sports festival weekend. Mary competed in mint condition and took a solid 3rd in her Figure class. Excellent finish at this always competitive international show. This is her picture update that will no doubt thrill and delight. The middle eastern Jordan native brings unforgettable feminine muscle charms you’ll only see right here in the Studio. Easily one of our best finds ever.

Lauren & Brittany

Check out this Sisters in Arms video update (5 clips) with Toronto native Lauren and Texan Brittany.  Good luck on focusing on either one of these muscle beauties as they stand side by side and back to back flexing and looking mint for your viewing pleasure. Both of these national caliber athletes bring a whole lot of pizzazz with them, so enjoy the fruits we produce from the home of feminine muscle.

Lauren Eaton

Lauren Eaton

I was able to attend and get some work in at last week’s Arnold sports festival weekend in Columbus. I was able to snag Lauren right out of the lobby at the Expo area. This national Bikini competitor from Atlanta had a look about her along with baseball shaped biceps poking up in a ball right in front of me. The great news is we shot the next day and doing so the Studio was fortunate to add yet another ‘find’ as we have for 11 years now. Check out her debut photo gallery update. This 25 year old is a he3ck of a way to bring in the new season of shoots as the NPC and IFBB shows begin.

Kelly Lynn

Okay now, we have a 5 video clip update of our own video editor Kelly Lynn. The Tampa Florida resident has now established herself as a top national NPC Physique athlete in her comeback to the sport. This video update was from our encore shoot in Miami at the Nationals. As you’ll see, Miss Kelly is lean and hard with explosive muscle just rippling all over. Her back and arms are off the charts not to even mention those trademark ‘wheels’ of hers. All in all, Kelly will show off her mint condition for your viewing pleasure. Lots to enjoy here, gang.

Linda Estavillo

This photo gallery update is from our encore shoot with Linda when she won her pro card at the Nationals in Miami. This New Yorker looks the part with some outstanding body parts to admire.  KrivsStudio photo contributor Dan Ray shot with Linda in some excellent light which caught the middleweight bodybuilder just glistening with hard rippling muscles.  Excellent stuff for you, gang.

03/04 and 03/06
Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole

Lauren & Brittany

Stephanie Mitch

Linda Estavillo

Jennifer McArver

Kessia Mirellys

Jodi Miller

Kelly Lynn Nauyokas

Stephany Acosta

Lauren Nicole

Lauren Nicole

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Added 3/7/18
Megan May

29 Videos! 12 Galleries!

Added 3/7/18
Jacklyn Abrams

29 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Added 2/28/18
Rikki Smead

8 Galleries!

Added 2/28/18
Mavi Gioia

6 Galleries!

Added 2/26/18
Lisa Aranda

45 Videos! 14 Galleries!

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