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Krivs Studio December 2017

Recent Updates!

Julia Kozelka

Our 24 year old Bikini athlete from the Cleveland area is back with the 2nd half of her photo gallery. Julia has a look and a way about her that excites. So glad this very athletic  young lady is part of the KrivsStudio team. A great addition indeed!!

Jamie Byron

We have the lovely charming Jamie back with 2 long re-edited video clip updates. She gets even more lovely when she flexes those bulging rippling biceps of hers for your viewing pleasure. The anticipation of it happening is worth it gang. Believe that.

Trina McEuen

Trina is ready for her video update with 2 long clips. This feminine muscle charmer of national Bikini lineage brings serious eye candy to the Studio. The former gymnast and cheerleader has a way about her that will thrill and delight so you don’t want to miss out on any of it no way. Yet another great find for the good guys as the beat goes on.

Lisa Janusz

We’re very excited to add this chiseled all-around athlete to the Studio roster in her photo gallery debut. The former collegian basketball point guard has also competed as a NPC physique athlete as well as cross fit, running marathons, and triathlon competitions. Believe me gang when i say this Ohio muscle gal looks the part…and then some. When you see her flex those amazing biceps, you’ll be all in from start to finish. I guarantee it.

Jessica Lopez

If you saw Jessica’s photo debut here in the Studio, then you know that this San Diego native is one impressive specimen of a woman. A sexy good looking powerhouse in fact with big girl muscles to enchant you with. That will be very evident in these 2 long video clips. 12 years of Muay Thai training and now competing as a national Figure athlete has honed her physicality and attitude with a look that will thrill and delight. KrivsStudio has produced yet another exciting gem for your viewing pleasure.

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Yanez & Alex

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Jessica Lopez

Julia Kozelka

Recent Updates of OLDER Content!

As you know we are adding in 10 years worth of content into the new site, below is where you’ll see what was added recently.

Sandy Scamman

33 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Amanda Quinlan

10 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Ashley Puida

6 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Shawna Walker

18 Videos! 9 Galleries!

Lara Abend

5 Videos! 6 Galleries!

Angeles Casteran

21 Videos! 2 Galleries!

Monica Mollica

9 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Tarna Alderman

9 Videos! 1 Gallery!

Lindsay Mulinazzi

14 Videos! 3 Galleries!

Miss Bennett

5 Videos! 5 Galleries!

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