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Tanya Merryman

Photos by Tom Atkin
Classy figure girl Tanya Merryman is known as The Queen of Calves - and also has impressive back and dazzling set of shoulders. THis is an all-around amazing example of feminine muscle physique.

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Gallery: Tanya

1- Looking "So Fine".
64.28 MB
2- There's no Calves like Tanya's.
67.91 MB
3- More is better.
64.64 MB
4- Tanya at her best.
68.95 MB
5- Just "Kicking it".
38.23 MB
6- Charming flexer.
62.59 MB
7- Ripped up Back.
62.69 MB
8- Delts are poppin'
66.54 MB
9- Foxy Lady.
64.42 MB
10- Where do I look first?
63.75 MB
11- Keep that action going. update
66.71 MB
12- Tanya's incomparable calves.
63.79 MB
13- Why stop now.
58.76 MB
14- Lets go down now.
62.01 MB
15- A sweet finish.
59.17 MB