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Inna Ableman

We found this native Russian now living in the Seattle area, competing in figure at the Emerald Cup. The package is compact but hard and explosive too. Looks like Inna knows a little something about baseball since moving to the USA. Hard ball in fact. See what i mean gang.

Gallery: By the Lawn

1- She's got some 'Pop' there.
129.16 MB
2- Hard baseball like bicep.
133.29 MB
3- Front and rear bicep.
149.02 MB
4- Sweet double bicep poses.
153.64 MB

Gallery: By the Water

1- Bring it from the start.
143.42 MB
2- Low flexing and forearms.
116.16 MB
3- Arms are lovely.
114.42 MB
4- Backs turn.
118.42 MB
5- Rear biceps.
112.62 MB
6- Low bicep bulging.
130.70 MB
7- Impressive baseball sized bis.
138.31 MB
8- Strong front double bicep finish.
141.78 MB