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Kortney KO Olson

Photos by Tom Atkin
Kortney is a free-spirited, hardcore 5-foot-7, 160-pound physique model with thick muscled legs. Read about the muscle goddess on her site All Natural KO.

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Gallery: More KO

1- Big ol' triceps.
69.56 MB
2- Powerful forearms.
72.22 MB
3- She's a woman!!
80.83 MB
4- Talkin' smack.
85.49 MB
5- All natural.
68.87 MB
6- Dangerous is...KO
82.83 MB

Gallery: Kortney in Vegas

1- KO gives Abby a lift.
58.75 MB
2- Squatting & flexing with Abby.
89.84 MB
3- Getting prepped for arm wrestling
54.19 MB
4- KO vs. Danny..the battle.
55.83 MB
5-KO talks.then shows u her strength
79.98 MB
6- KO closes strong.
61.21 MB